• Jillian DuBois

    Jillian DuBois

    Elementary Educator from Tampa Bay, FL. Recovering Overthinker. Author • Illustrator • Publisher. Optimistic Originator of Imparted Joy LLC

  • Elijah Szasz

    Elijah Szasz

    Elijah runs a LA/SLC creative agency focused on the good side of technology. He’s also a mediocre athlete, father, and entrepreneur. https://www.spark6.com/

  • Asharanjith


  • Mike Paul

    Mike Paul

    I dad, I tech, I write. Not always in that order. INTJ. Ravenclaw. 1w9. Wannabe academic and author. https://MikePaul.com & https://PikeMallTech.com

  • Gökrem Tekir, PMP

    Gökrem Tekir, PMP

    Project Management Instructor&Consultant / PMP Linkedin.com/in/gokremtekir / Patreon.com/gokremtekir

  • MathTech EDU

    MathTech EDU

    MathTech EDU's goal is to help teachers integrate physical and virtual manipulatives into their classrooms.

  • Missa L.

    Missa L.

    Sierra Leonean-American writer and high school English teacher. Passionate about seeing Black women and girls thrive. Cautiously optimistic.

  • Cathie Thune

    Cathie Thune

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