Enabling students to identify and evaluate the psychological techniques used by cults can help them develop critical thinking skills — and shut down accusations of “indoctrination” in schools.

As the debate about critical race theory continues to rage across the country, resulting in asinine legislation that only serves to undermine freedom of speech (and thought) in schools, an article from National Review captured my attention — and made me shudder.

STOPPING K-12 INDOCTRINATION IS RIGHT, the headline pronounces…

Once I started asking my students what, how, and why they wanted to learn, class suddenly got a lot more interesting — for all of us.

The 2020–2021 school year was, simply put, a wild ride.

Other than turbulence and uncertainty, there were few constants in my first two months back in the classroom (which at that time was completely virtual). The lessons, units, and assessments I’d spent years meticulously developing suddenly seemed…irrelevant. …

A re-worded education bill confirms what many educators already know: our implicit role is to protect white supremacy.

Just two weeks ago, I joined thousands of educators in celebrating the defeat of Arizona SB 1532 — legislation that would have 1) banned them from teaching lessons involving “controversial” issues, 2) required them to give “equal weight” to all perspectives in their classrooms (which, in theory, could lead to…

Trying to prevent burnout and reinvigorate your teaching practice? Then find the “believers.”

I was recently reintroduced to my new principal during the second week of summer school.

I’d been sitting at my desk entering grades when Mike popped his head into the doorway. “Hi there!” he declared. …

Rachel Thune Real

Mrs. Thune (pronounced “tune”). High school teacher reflecting on inquiry, antiracism, and emotional intelligence.

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